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Anti-Slip/Skid Sheets:

Pallet Tak is a new product using cohesive technology, designed specifically to protect finished products in a palletized configuration from moving once stacked.

This product is available in sheet and roll form, coated one and two sides and in a variety of paper grades. 26# to 69#

Pallet Tak has improved efficiency in automated packaging processes.

Primary application for Pallet Tak is a Tier Sheet.  A single sheet between layers of a pallet will hold products in boxes together.

Benefits of Pallet Tak

Reduce loss or damage to products in transit.

Allow column stacking from top to bottom, utilize corner strength of existing package.

Reduce ancillary packaging needs, stretch wrap, corner boards, etc.

Provide consistent appearance of palletized products, preventing slip.

Safely stack higher with stability. Less product movement when stretch film and edge board is removed.

Who can use Pallet Tak?

Companies with High graphic, slick packaging

Mass merchandise warehouse stores.

Bulk products

Wine and beverages

Bagged products, pet food, cement, towel and tissue